Thursday, June 09, 2005

11.06 3:00-Dawn on the Vaporetto

In Renee's performance, an open invitation is extended to the public for an all night “sleepover” on the Waterways Vaporetto boat. Visitors, artists, travelers and the general public are invited to stay overnight on the boat from 3AM until Sunrise.

The project explores the role of the curator as some one who can no longer be considered “objective” in their view, gaze and observation of art. Acknowledging that “performance” always retains an element of subjectivity, the curator takes on the role of social anthropologist to transform the cabin of the Vaporetto into a shelter for displaced people.

As those who frequently attend international art events know, art handlers, artists, assistants, and young art cognoscenti often find themselves without housing due to their social and economic conditions of attendance. Therefore, this performance aims to look at the social constructions of displacement as it affects societies of both humans and other species. The social constructions of international art exhibitions inform a politics of who is invited and included and who is not. Such constructions formulate a similar pattern in our society with respect to species preservation—it is often politics and social constructions which determine what species are worthy enough to received protection and preservation.

The events, happenings and developments during the sleepover—who attends, who stays and what occurs—will be recorded in “field study” style, wherein basic events and attendances will be recorded. This will allow meaning to develop rather than be constructed or controlled by the artists or the curator. Accordingly, this performance suggests that there is little difference between an “event” and “art performance” in the contemporary moment, and it is often only social circumstances and constructions which elevate it to the heights of “art.”
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